How to Determine What Size Storage Unit You Will Need

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October 27th, 2022

Helpful Tips for Determining the Correct Storage Unit Size

From moving to a new location, to storing items that just don’t fit in your home, there are multiple reasons why you may need to rent a storage unit. However, one of the most challenging parts of renting a storage unit can be choosing the right size. Especially to an untrained eye, it can be incredibly difficult to guess what unit will be large enough to store your items, without paying for space you don’t need. Take the guess work out of it and follow these simple steps to ensure that you’re choosing the right size unit for your needs.

1. Measure your items

If you have a tape measure or ruler at home, it will be extremely helpful to measure all the items that you would like to store in your storage unit. Make a list of all items with their width, height, and depth. Order your items from largest to smallest, putting bulky items like couches, beds, and refrigerators first, and smaller items like boxes, lamps, and chairs last. This will help you get an idea of how much room will be needed.

2. Remember that items can be stacked

In order to maximize your storage space, you may want to stack items on top of each other. Just keep in mind that you will always want heavier, more sturdy items on the bottom, with fragile items on top. Be sure to not stack boxes too high, as you wouldn’t want the weight of the stack damaging any of your belongings - or even worse, toppling over!

3. Use our storage calculator

For an even more precise measure on what size unit to rent, try using our storage calculator. That’s right, we’ve got a handy tool that allows you to input items you are looking to store, and in turn will give you a size recommendation. We have already included standard sizes of commonly stored items such as beds, refrigerators, and grills. Try it out to see what storage unit is best for you.

At AXS Storage, we have many different size units to accommodate your needs, from our small 5’x10’ unit, to our large 10’x30’ unit, we’re sure to have the perfect storage unit for you. Use these tips to help find the right size, or, contact us if you have any additional questions! You can even give us a call at (517) 669-1300 to reach our DeWitt office or (269) 214-3040 to reach our South Haven office.

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