Organization Hacks


March 30th, 2023

At some point in your life, you have probably stood at a spot in your house and felt overwhelmed. Overwhelmed from the chaos, overwhelmed from the amount of stuff you have lying around, or overwhelmed with a never-ending to-do list. We have all been there! We wish we could snap our fingers and suddenly be surrounded by a calm and collected house.

We want to help you get to this point! You may find yourself saying that you cannot get rid of anything – that is ok, there are ways around this. To start simply, choose a small space. Figure out if there is anything in that small space that you can afford to get rid of. If so, place it in a donate box. From here, let’s do some organizational magic and see AND feel the results!

1. Separate your items into categories.

If you are organizing your pantry this may include snacks, baking, cooking, spices, etc.
If you are organizing a bathroom vanity this may include hair accessories, hair products, beauty products, mouth care, first-aid, feminine care, soaps, and shampoos and conditioners.
If you are organizing a playroom this may include toys, books, arts & crafts, stuffed animals, and baby toys.
If you are organizing a garage this may include car care, sports, bikes, outdoor décor, tools, and equipment.

2. Once your items are separated, decide if you need to buy any organization supplies.

This will ensure that items aren’t randomly tossed in a closet and forgotten about. They can be put in a container or hung up, so that it can easily be found again. Organization supplies could include hangers, shelves, containers or bins, small drawer containers, and boxes.

3. After you have placed your items in containers or bins, label, label, label!

4. Neatly stack any containers or hang any items that will be stored in the designated space.

5. Enjoy!

Follow these 5 steps for a quick and easy transformation. A tidy space equals a happy place!

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